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  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 2012 – 2019
  • Omniyat Properties / ME by Melia
  • Under Construction
  • 84,345 sqmm2
  • 100m (w) X 67m (d) X 93m (h)
  • 21 storeys

Located within Burj Khalifa district of Dubai, the Opus by Zaha Hadid Architects for Omniyat will house the first ‘ME by Melia’ hotel in the Middle East. Operated by Melia Hotels International, one of the world’s leading hoteliers with more than 350 hotels in 39 countries, ‘ME by Melia’ hotels are located in cultural capitals across the globe with their progressive, design-driven approach.

The Opus is designed as two separate towers that coalesce into a singular whole— taking the form of a cube. The cube is then ‘carved’, creating a central void that is an important volume within the building in its own right—providing views to the exterior from the centre of the building. The free-formed fluidity of this eight-storey void contrasts with the precise orthogonal geometry of the surrounding cube.

The two towers are linked by a four-storey atrium at ground level with a bridge connecting 71 metres above the ground. This three-storey, asymmetric bridge is 38 metres wide. Together with the ME Dubai, the Opus will house 12 restaurants as well as a rooftop bar and 56,000 sq. ft. of office space.

“The Opus will be aligned with Omniyat’s vision of treating each project as if it were a unique work of art,” said Mahdi Amjad, Executive Chairman and CEO of Omniyat. “The design conveys the remarkably inventive quality of ZHA’s work; expressing a sculptural sensibility that reinvents the balance between solid and void, opaque and transparent, interior and exterior.”

 “You always expect to be surprised by ZHA’s designs, but the Opus for ‘ME by Melia’ Dubai goes beyond what we could ever have anticipated. We are proud to have this amazing project in our portfolio,” explained Gabriel Escarrer, Vice Chairman and CEO, Meliá Hotels International at the earlier announcement of ME Dubai to be located at the Opus.


Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)


Zaha Hadid
Patrik Schumacher

Project Director

Christos Passas

Competition Team

Christos Passas (Project Architect), Daniel Baerlecken, Gemma Douglas, Alvin Huang, Paul Peyrer-Heimstaett, Saleem Al-Jalil

Base Built Design Team

Vincent Nowak (Project Architect/Development phase), Dimitris Akritopoulos, Chiara Ferrari, Thomas Frings, Jesus Garate, Sylvia Georgiadou, Javier Ernesto-Lebie, Wenyuan Peng, Paul Peyrer-Heimstaett, Phivos Skroumbelos, Marilena Sophocleous

Supervision Team

Fabian Hecker (Project Associate), Barbara Bochnak (Lead Architect), Dimitris Kolonis (Senior Architect), Tomasz Starczewski, Kwanphil Cho, Bruno Pereira

Design Team (Hotel Interiors)

Reza Esmaeeli (Project Architect), Eider Fernandez Eibar (Design Coordination), Laura Micalizzi (Senior Interior Designer), Emily Rohrer (Senior Interior designer), Stella Nikolakaki, Alexandra Fischer, Raul Forsoni, Chrysi Fradellou, Sofia Papageorgiou, Christos Sazos, Kwanphil Cho, Andri Shalou, Ben Kikkawa, Melhem Sfeir, Faten el Meri, Eleni Mente (Senior Landscape Designer), Hendrik Rupp

Design Team (Apartments)

Bozana Komljenovic (Project Associate), Spyridon Kaprinis (Project Architect), Thomas Frings, Chrysi Fradellou, Sofia Papageorgiou, Carlos Luna

Project Management (Design Stage)

Gleeds [London]

Local Architects (Design Stage)

Heitham Adjina, Arex Consultants [Dubai]

Structural Engineer (Design Stage)

Whitbybird [London]

Façade Engineer (Design Stage)

Agnes Koltay, Whitbybird

Lighting Consultants (Design Stage)

Tim Downey, [London]

Fire Engineering (Design Stage)

Safe [London]

Lift Consultants (Design Stage)

Adam Scott, Roger Preston Dynamics [London]

Traffic Consultants (Design Stage)

Cansult Limited [Dubai]

Contractors (Design Stage)

Main Contracto Nasa / Multiplex Facade Contractor Permasteelisa

Local Architects (Construction Stage)

BSBG [Dubai]

Structural Engineer (Construction Stage)

BG&E [Dubai]

Fire Engineering Design (Construction Stage)

Confidence [Dubai]

Facade Consultants (Construction Stage)

Koltay Facades [Dubai]

MEP Engineers (Construction Stage)

Clarke Samadin [Dubai]

Lighting Consultants (Construction Stage)

DPA [Dubai/ UK], Illuminate [Dubai]

Acoustic Consultants (Construction Stage)

PMK [Dubai]

Interior Consultants (Construction Stage)

HBA [Dubai]

Traffic Consultants (Construction Stage)

Al Tourath [Dubai]

Lift Consultants (Construction Stage)

Lerch Bates [Dubai]

Security Consultants (Construction Stage)

Control Risks [Dubai]

Kitchen Consultants (Construction Stage)

MCTS [Dubai]

Quantity Surveying Consultants (Construction Stage)

HQS [Dubai]

AV Consultants (Construction Stage)

EntireTech [Dubai]

Contractors (Construction Stage)

Main Contractor Brookfield
Multiplex / Facade Contractor Alu Nasa