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Wangjing Soho

  • Beijing, China
  • 2009 – 2014
  • SOHO China Ltd.
  • Under Construction
  • 115,393m2
  • Gross Floor Area: 521,265m2 (392,265m2 above grade, 129,000m2 below grade)
  • Maximum Height: 200m
  • Floors Above Ground: 2 Retail, 37 Office
  • Floors Below Ground: 1 Retail, 2 parking levels
  • Footprint Area: 21,000m2

Office and retail complex, beacon midway between city and airport, a welcome and farewell to Beijing – Wangjing Soho is all these things. Conceived as two masses – ‘Chinese fans’ that circle and embrace each other in an intricate dance – Wangjing Soho establishes a vibrant, dynamic presence on the Beijing skyline.

Wangjing Soho office and retail complex stands as a beacon midway between city and airport – acting as both a welcome to and farewell from Beijing. Conceived as ‘Chinese fans’, the two volumes of Wangjing Soho appear to move around each other, to dance, to embrace as they are circumnavigated – their vibrancy further enhanced by a shimmering outer skin.

The whole comprises a major and minor volume, intertwined to form a unified design. Each volume houses office space, with connections between and to the surrounding landscape provided via a retail podium. This ‘duality’ of expression both loosens building mass within defined site boundaries and supports a two-phase completion process.

Both volumes describe a slender, curved form in plan and elevation, further enhancing the sensation of embrace and generating an extraordinary range of views to Beijing.

Interior spaces are suitable for flexible use and well served in terms of vertical transportation through sequences of cores. The connecting retail atrium comprises three levels containing retail outlets, restaurants and cafes – their configuration forming a unifying ‘pedestrian street’.

The entire complex sits above a raft foundation system housing parking on three basement levels.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Director

Satoshi Ohashi

Project Architect

Armando Solano


Cristiano Ceccato

Project Manager

Raymond Lau

Competition Team

Ceyhun Baskin

Lead Designer (Competition)

Inanc Eray

Project Team

Bianca Cheung, Yu Du, Ed Gaskin, Sally Harris, Chao-Ching Wang, Feng Lin, Yikai Lin, Oliver Malm, Rashiq Muhamadali, Matthew Richardson, Yichi Zhang, Yan Guangyuan, Ma Xinyue, Zhang Zhe


Adams Kara Taylor (UK)


Newtecnic (UK)

MEP, VT, Fire, Sustainability

Hoare Lea (UK)