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New Passenger Terminal and Masterplan, Zagreb Airport

  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Zraana Luka Zagreb, Zagreb Airport
  • Competition / Research
  • New Passenger Terminal Building: 75000m²
  • 5 million annual passengers
  • (150,000m², expansion to 10 million annual passengers)
  • Masterplan: 500,000m² mixed-use development

Our designs for expansion of Zagreb Airport include the new terminal – a distinctive, environmentally advanced building, organized through a series of flow lines, set in a tapestry-like configuration, where landscaped spaces and strategies for future expansion are designed in one single gesture.

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The location of Zagreb Airport makes it a strategically important European hub – part of a network connection key capital cities and passenger flow across the continent. Our designs extend existing facilities at the airport, engaging with the natural landscape to create an environmentally efficient, state-of-the-art passenger terminal and surrounding landscaped areas.

The site is organised through a series of flow lines, with emphasis placed on the definition of longitudinal subdivisions. This tapestry-like configuration defines phasing of the masterplan and future expansion strategies. Adherence to this fluid grid principle produces an overall site design which blurs the distinction between building and landscape, intensifying the connection between interior and exterior.

The new terminal stands in a landscaped park, imprinted at ground-level to replicate the main structure’s roof pattern – a clear ‘signal’ and indicator of future phases in the airport’s development.

Within the terminal itself there is no clear distinction between floors, walls and roofs, with the envelope devised as a continuous structure containing program elements on multiple levels. The whole structure seamlessly integrates natural light, ventilation, access, signage and viewing areas to generate a terminal experience that is both logical and enjoyable for passengers, visitors and those who work here.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Architect

Tiago Correira

Project Team

Victor Orive, Monica Noguero, Fabiano Continanza, Alejandro Diaz, Goswin Rothenthal, Oihane Santiuste, Rafael Gonzalez, Irene Mennini, Maren Klasing, Martin Krcha, Andres Schenker, David Seeland

Airport System

Deerns Consulting Engineers BV


Adams Kara Taylor


Max Fordham LLP

Transport Engineering

Savell Bird & Axon