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Zaha Hadid Architects joins UK business delegation to China

(Left) British Prime Minister David Cameron visit to Beijing, China – 02 Dec 2013 Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and British Prime Minister David Cameron pose for a group photo with British business delegation
(Right) David Cameron introduces the British business delegation to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Zaha Hadid
Photos by Wang Ye/Rex

December 2013, Beijing  - Zaha Hadid joined Prime Minister David Cameron on the UK business delegation visit to Beijing.  Hadid attended the morning events of the UK-China Business Summit and welcome banquet hosted by Premier Li Keqiang.  In the afternoon, Zaha Hadid then presented her collaborative work in China at “The Power of Partnership: Collaboration in innovation, creativity and growth” discussions of the China-Britain Business Council.

Hadid first visited China more than 30 years ago and Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has been working throughout the country for more than a decade. The Guangzhou Opera House opened in 2010, and ZHA is currently building seminal projects in China’s dynamic and historic cities. As the world's largest and fastest-growing emerging economy, China is developing increasingly creative talent and sophisticated technologies and each of ZHA’s collaborations throughout the country demonstrate the highest levels of partnership and cooperation; creating innovative projects that engage with their environment and express the remarkable ambition and future China will play on a global stage.