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Zaha Hadid ‘10 Years On’ exhibition at Design Miami

On the occasion of Design Miami’s 10th Anniversary, Miami Design District recognized the significant contribution of Zaha Hadid to advancing the field of architecture in the ten years since she was awarded the first Designer of the Year award.

For the inaugural Design Miami in 2005, Zaha Hadid Architects was commissioned to develop the Elastika installation as part of her award. The piece evolved as an architectural experiment exploring conceptsof connectivity – emerging from the rigidly orthogonal structural frame of the 1921 Moore Building’s atrium located in the Miami Design District. The piece is an extrusion of the spatial concepts inherent within Hadid’s architecture. Form does not follow only function but is also defined by the narrative of spatial flow; a fluid architecture that emerges from the city and also constantly makes connections.

The practice’s continued experimentation and research into materials and techniques is evident in the pieces showcased in ZAHA HADID / 10 Years On. These collaborations are experimental, quicker to execute than the architecture projects and inspire creativity – an opportunity to express ideas in a different scale and through different media. There is a strong reciprocal relationship whereby more the avant-garde designs encourage the development of new digital technologies and fabrication techniques – and those new developments in turn inspire Zaha Hadid Architects to push the design envelope ever further.

Design Miami 2014