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Volu, Revolution Project Design Miami 2015

Commissioned by Robbie Antonio for Design Miami 2015, Volu is part of the Revolution Project that explores the application of advanced design and fabrication technologies in the creation of cost-efficient living spaces.

Volu is a contemporary dining pavilion concept that fuses computational design, lightweight engineering and precision fabrication. The design embeds the tectonics of manufacture within the form itself.

Defined by digital processes, the pavilion has been developed in such a way that its components are, at most, singly curved. Computer programming that integrates fabrication constraints into the design, while also incorporating engineering feedback in an iterative delivery process, enabled the development of complex and expressive forms through the single bending of flat sheet materials.

Comprised of a series of structural bands collecting at the spine and expanding overhead, the patterning of the pavilion is guided by the varied structural loading conditions. Through the analysis of the geometry under load, the pavilion’s structure and skin have been digitally optimized to remove unnecessary material, resulting in the lightest possible design solution — following an organic structural logic that recreates many of the same principles found in nature.

VOLU Animation