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Killer Heels exhibition at The Frick

Until September 4, 2016
Frick Art & Historical Center, Pittsburgh, USA

The Nova Shoe by Zaha Hadid Design for United Nude features in the Frick’s current exhibition Killer Heels, exploring fashion’s most provocative accessory. The exhibition looks at the high-heeled shoe’s history and its enduring place in popular imagination. As fashion statement, instrument of power, and outlet of artistic expression for both designer and the wearer, throughout the ages the high-heeled shoe has gone through many shifts in style and symbolism.

Sharp stilettos, architecturally inspired wedges and platforms, and a number of artfully crafted shoes that defy categorization are featured among the selection of nearly 1500 historic and contemporary heels on loan from designers, the renowned Brooklyn Museum costume collection housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Bata Shoe Museum, and others.

Zaha Hadid Design joins designers and fashion houses represented in Killer Heels including: Balenciaga, Manolo Blahnik, Chanel, Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jean Paul Gaultier, Iris van Herpen, X United Nude, Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Prada and Roger Viver.


Killer Heels exhibition

The Frick, Pittsburgh