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Zaha Hadid Design at Dubai Design Week: 13-18 November 2017

With 30 years’ experience in the Middle East and North Africa, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) continues our longstanding commitment to the region and are proud to participate in Dubai Design Week (DXBDW).

For the third edition of Dubai Design Week, the Serac Benches by Zaha Hadid Design for The Italian Lab have been installed at the Dubai Design District (d3). The fluid striations of the bench emerge from the landscape, each layer taking its own trajectory in reaction to latent forces that disperse - and ultimately coalesce - the many strata of the bench to generate its overall formal composition. The Serac Benches have been crafted in Ultra High Performance Concrete, a tough and durable material that when shaped into a more curvaceous form, transitions into a softer, fluid and tactile surface.

Zaha Hadid Design’s Duna and Eve chandeliers are showcased within the ‘Icons Inspire’ exhibition at Lasvit’s d3 offices. These chandeliers convey the innovative new design and manufacturing technologies developed by Zaha Hadid Design combined with the precision and mastery of Lasvit’s Bohemian glassmakers. Each piece generating a myriad of reflections and refractions, highlighting the fluid geometries crafted in hand-blown glass.

ZHA also opens its d3 studio, showcasing Zaha Hadid Design’s collaborations with iconic brands as well as outstanding new pieces of the Zaha Hadid Collection. The current exhibition includes architectural models, as well as a timeline of ZHA projects ranging from early paintings and competition entries to the practice’s ongoing developments.

Dubai Design Week
13-18 November
Dubai Design District (d3)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Design Week

Zaha Hadid Architects Open Gallery

Lasvit ICONS inspire

Serac Benches Installation

Zaha Hadid Design

Photo by Jacopo Spilimbergo