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Zaha Hadid Design at London Design Festival, 18-22 September 2018

The Zaha Hadid Gallery will present the new 2018 Zaha Hadid Design Collection during London Design Festival, 18-22 September.

Zaha Hadid’s pioneering vision redefined architecture and design for the 21st Century and captured imaginations across the globe.

Collaborating with the world’s most iconic brands to create exquisite one-off, as well as limited-edition pieces, Hadid’s works are within some of the world’s most respected museum collections and have been showcased at acclaimed retrospective exhibitions worldwide.

She created the ‘Zaha Hadid’ label for her signature design pieces, each informed by her architectural repertoire. Zaha Hadid Design worked with Hadid to develop the collections, reinterpreting the relationships inherent throughout her architecture. .

The 2018 Zaha Hadid Design Collection conveys the unrivalled innovation within her work. Designed with Hadid’s unwavering belief in the power of invention in both traditional and contemporary materials. Outstanding new pieces continue the fluid lines and subtle, organic geometries that define the collections.

The Node vessels (pictured) convey the studio’s explorations into the relationship between architecture and nature, their tops fanning outwards to reveal concentric rings of clearly articulated ridges that appear as waves descending within.

Inspired by cellular structures and the creative possibilities of the material, these vessels advance the technical possibilities of resin casting to achieve a greater degree of subtlety in texture and tone, while their innovative structure expresses the dynamic inversion of gravity evident throughout Hadid’s architecture.

The Zaha Hadid Gallery will also showcase a new collaboration - the RE/Form carpet collection by Zaha Hadid Design for Royal Thai, together with Zaha Hadid Architects’ recent collaboration of 3D-printed furniture with Nagami as well as an exhibition by the studio’s Computation and Design research group (ZHCODE).

18-22 September 2018
Tuesday 2pm-5pm
Wednesday-Friday 2pm-6pm

Zaha Hadid Gallery
101 Goswell Road London, EC1V 7EZ

Zaha Hadid Collection 2018

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