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Zed Hot Chili Peppers joins Construction Rocks 2018 in support of LandAid

Zed Hot Chili Peppers, the band comprised of ZHA’s team members, will join the 11th Annual Construction Rocks in support of charity Land Aid, the property industry charity working to end youth homelessness in the UK.

LandAid aims to tackle the root causes of youth homelessness, protects young people on the streets, provides accommodation and support for those who have been homeless and gives a platform to young people to have their voices heard. Construction Rocks was conceived by Bill Price and Nigel Fraser in 2007, and has since it’s conception raised over £90,000 for a number of charities. The success of the event in London has seen the format spread to a global audience with events now taking place in Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Washington DC.

Zed Hot Chili Peppers hail from different musical experiences and tastes, but their common connection lies in their love for rock and crossover. Inspired by – you guessed it - the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the band features Drew Merkle (voice), Filippo Innocenti (guitar), Maurizio Meossi (bass) and Damiano Rizzini (drums).

Zed Hot Chili Peppers will play Construction Rocks at Scala, Kings Cross, London on Wednesday, October 24th. Doors open at 6pm ‘till late.

To contribute to LandAid’s work, please find link hereYour support is greatly appreciated.

Construction Rocks 2018