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ZHVR launch new website

Zaha Hadid Virtual Reality research group (ZHVR) is working to shape immersive virtual reality (VR) technology for architecture including real-time modelling with a focus on the application of VR as a design tool and researching the potential of specific technologies that enhance the architectural design process.

Zaha Hadid Architects has been a driver of technological innovations and specialised design solutions. With the early transition to digitised 3D design thirty years ago, the studio is at the forefront of digital design coordination and production.

Since 2014 ZHVR has been working with leading hardware and software developers to enable applications of emerging VR technology in architecture.

Partnering with visionaries working in the extended reality industry as well as innovators in construction, ZHVR Group is developing immersive modelling tools that enable designers worldwide to design in augmented reality and collaborate in real time.

Creating systems and networks that enable VR to be used as design tool throughout the construction industry, ZHVR’s work focusses on three primary objectives: 
- Implementing VR platforms and applications for design teams and clients.
- Researching the potential of the virtual domain and the specific technologies that can enhance the architectural design process.
- Increasing awareness and understanding of the new possibilities VR offers architecture.

ZHVR Group website

Image: The Spatial Matrix Prototype01 - ZHVR’s early research exploring dynamic data transition and interactivity between data and users, analysing how they may be translated into VR using gaming engines.