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NEXXA door handle

NEXXA, a new door handle by Zaha Hadid Design in partnership with the architectural ironmongery specialist izé.

Articulated as an angled projection, an innovative new rotational mechanism enables NEXXA’s sculptural refinement. Junctions are carved into a ball-and-socket detail, revealed within a smooth cavity when the handle is rotated.

Woody Yao, co-Director of Zaha Hadid Design explained, ‘Our initial concept for the lever handle was focused on how we could design a handle that had continuity as if to suggest a single continuous line which isn’t broken even if the handle is being turned. We did a lot of research in how to make use of the break between the two elements as part of the story.’

When discussing the advancements in design software and prototyping tools, Maha Kutay, co-director of Zaha Hadid Design explained ‘3D printers allowed us to experiment with form and made it easier and quicker for us to refine the design, to make it more ergonomic. We were working with izé’s sculptor and model maker throughout the process and this back and forth was incredibly productive.’

Bernadett Kaszás, sales director of izé commented, ‘It has been a fascinating process, working with Zaha Hadid Design, to develop a handle that embodies a new idea, in a way that is practical to use and a joy to look at and touch.’

NEXXA is available in variants of four distinct finishes and colours.