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Webinar on the Mercury Tower in Malta

Manuela Gatto, Kutbuddin Nadiadi & Elena Scripelliti from Zaha Hadid Architects will present the Mercury Tower currently under construction in Paceville, Malta, at 2pm (BST) on the 8th of June in a webinar organised by Medelhan.

Marrying a variety of public, residential and commercial functions together with the creation of a vibrant new civic space, the redevelopment of Mercury House includes the renovation of derelict heritage structures and responds to the demands of the island’s future socio-economic development.

With the refurbished Mercury House that date from 1903 at its base, the 24,500m2 renovation and redevelopment incorporates civic amenities including cafes and shops surrounding a large piazza together with a new cafe pavilion of soft curves and a transparency that accentuates the solidity of the old Mercury House.

Housing dramatic public spaces and an outdoor pool with views to the sea, the 31-storey tower of residential apartments and hotel is aligned at street level to integrate with Paceville’s existing urban fabric and to reduce its footprint, maximizing civic space within the new piazza. Conceived as two volumes stacked vertically, the tower incorporates a realignment of its higher floors that reduces solar gain and instils a sense of dynamism within its silhouette that changes when viewed from different directions around Paceville.

The insulated facade, combined with limited glazing in areas of significant direct sunlight, is designed to provide shading and increase the tower’s overall thermal performance. The tower’s design also incorporates the results of local pedestrian comfort and wind climate assessments.

More information on the webinar via link below

Medelhan Mercury Tower webinar