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NEW WORLDS: A mixed reality experience featuring LOOP: Immersive Sound Lounge

The mixed-reality experience ‘New Worlds’ is showcased at the ‘Meta-Horizons: The Future Now’ exhibition at the DDP Design Museum in Seoul, Korea.

Evolving from a design simulation created by the Zaha Hadid Virtual Reality Group (ZHVR) for product testing and development of the LOOP immersive sound lounge, the ‘New Worlds’ mixed reality experience was refined and expanded for the purpose of this exhibition ZHVR in partnership with L-Acoustics Creations and the artist Halina Rice.

Visitors are transported into a virtual space with HTC’s VIVE Pro 2 headset, where they experience the immersive soundscape by Halina Rice.

Launched in 2019, LOOP is the first collaboration between L-Acoustics Creations and the ZHVR Group. It is a signature edition personal auditorium that enables users to experience flawless audio of unprecedented clarity, dynamics and realism via 24 independent channels, allowing the listener to be transported to any setting for their immersive audio experience.

L-Acoustics develops immersive sound technologies for state-of-the-art auditoria and sensory environments. The unrivalled sonic signature and advanced L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology deliver ultra-high resolution spatial audio.

ZHVR drew inspiration from natural forms and contemporary engineering to define the LOOP’s curvilinear geometries, which seamlessly incorporate L-Acoustics technology.

Halina Rice is the London-based electronic musician and AV artist renowned for her vivid and eclectic style, using multiple effects and sampling to create original and experimental sounds. The experience also incorporates visual elements by multidisciplinary designer Jakob Macdonald.

NEW WORLDS: A mixed reality experience animation

LOOP: Immersive Sound Lounge animation