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The Future of Aviation: Bellwether Launches in Metrotopia

The UK-based eVTOL startup Bellwether Industries and the metaverse brand Metrotopia, a venture by Zaha Hadid Architects and ArchAgenda, announce their collaboration to create a virtual communication experience for a groundbreaking aircraft within an immersive city landscape, bringing a taste of the future to the aerospace and aviation industry.

Bellwether and Metrotopia launch an interactive exhibition where attendees can witness Bellwether’s eVTOL aircraft, Volar, taking off within Metrotopia Metaverse, and envisage a new mode of air transportation. This virtual exhibition makes its debut at Stand V67, Dubai Airshow, November 13-17, DWC, UAE.

Kai-Tse (KT) Lin, Chief Operating Officer at Bellwether Industries, said: “It has been an amazing venture working with such a creative team like Metrotopia. We are demonstrating the vision of urban air mobility and future lifestyle through building the showroom of volars and bringing realistic interaction and experience.”

Daniela Ghertovici, Co-Founder of Metrotopia and Founder of ArchAgenda said: “Bellwether’s visionary ‘flying car’ is no science fiction, it is constructed for the real world. In the long term this revolutionary aircraft is poised to transform the way we design cities. Metrotopia’s high-fidelity interactive virtual city is an ideal sandbox for a full scale realization of a metropolis unshackled from labyrinthine ground transport.”

These two startups are poised to stir the public’s imagination by crafting virtual experiences that seamlessly blend elements from the real world. “Partnering with Metrotopia offers an enchanting and educational platform to explore the ecosystem and infrastructure in a digital world that will significantly provide value to future city landscape and mobility,” added KT Lin.

This exciting project marks the inaugural step in the partnership between Bellwether Industries and Metrotopia.

Patrik Schumacher, Principal at Zaha Hadid Architects, added: “Bellwether’s products are not only technologically pathbreaking but also breathtakingly beautiful.”

As one of the world’s leading architectural firms, Zaha Hadid Architects ignites inspiration and pushes the boundaries of design and technology, exemplified by its pioneering designs in Metrotopia Metaverse.

Bellwether Industries and Metrotopia will explore the intricate relationship between architecture and transportation, as they embark on a transformative journey to shape the future urban landscape. With a steadfast dedication to design innovation, social functionality, and environmental considerations, their collaborative endeavor promises to define the cities of tomorrow.

Bellwether Industries and Metrotopia
Stand V67
Dubai Airshow
13-17 November 2023