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Treasury and Zaha Hadid Architects launch creator and quality focussed spatial asset platform

Treasury Spatial Data, a San Francisco based design technology startup, and  Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), Treasury founding partner, announce the Treasury digital spatial asset platform.

The platform includes a suite of creative and technology tools to discover and license premium spatial assets. Fostering a creative community and conversations on the importance of spatial design and the value of 3D assets in the age of the spatial internet, is a founding pillar. Protection of the digital assets that power spatial computing and the metaverse, using fingerprinting is an integral feature of the platform.

Treasury elevates creators of spatial designs and builders of spatial experiences to collaborate in new ways, across the range of industries now exploring spatial computing -  from art to health to retail. The Treasury spatial asset platform is the foundation of a new era in design development for spatial assets and their applications.

Through Treasury:

● Creators and owners of premium spatial design assets - from architecture, film, art, real estate and more - license and monetize their existing spatial designs, stimulate new commissions and creative relationships, and protect their work from unlicensed use by machine learning and generative AI.
● Builders of premium spatial experiences - in entertainment, marketing, film/TV, game, education and medicine and more - can access trusted unique assets via Treasury, and use licensed AI datasets and tools to develop bespoke spatial content.

ZHA is contributing thousands of original designs for licensing through the platform, together with a range of premium creators in architecture, art, film, branded spaces and reality capture.

Initial customers include Epic Games, and spatial experience innovators in immersive live events, enterprise, industry, medicine, game, education and more - such as Ethereal Matter (VR-enhanced omnigym) and Lextech (enterprise developer in aviation and engineering), Squint Opera (visual branding and communications), Gambit Labs (ADHD research and therapy), Pulse Jet Studios (digital events and music videos), and more.

Treasury is the leading media company and supplier of premium spatial assets that empowers creators with easy-to-use development and IP protection tools and facilitates faster and more effective applications of the spatial assets on the builders side.

“The metaverse is finally becoming a project of real scale and social impact, not just because Apple is committing to spatial computing, but because architecture is waking up its potential and responsibility to design for digital space as much as for physical space. The Treasury platform is our way to help put the design industries at the centre of this revolution” says Patrik Schumacher, Principal of ZHA.

Treasury is now inviting select creators and onboarding initial assets to the platform, deploying the first assets with premium spatial experience builders, and receiving commissions for a wide variety of spatial content as spatial technology expands beyond game into entertainment, healthcare, industry and education. Sign up here to explore 

Treasury assets including architectural exteriors and interiors, landscapes, artistic spaces and more, by Zaha Hadid Architects and other spatial creators including architects Ricardo Bofill, Mariana Cabugeira Studios, reality capture specialists IVAR Studios, artists Meike Marple & Francisco García Nava, Anna K. E. and Florian Meisenberg, interactive experience developers Sawhorse LA, and more, are now being deployed in premium spatial experiences by builders in game, events, branding, medicine, industry and more. The assets are placed as individual licenses, Foundation Sets of assets to build with as a development package of modules, and as new commissions.

“Spatial technology is coming out from the game industry into wider social application - and it needs far better spatial than are available from the game sector. Treasury has been created not just to support worldclass owners of IP and creators of spatial design, but to drive better and more impactful use of spatial technology, in all industries and form factors, not just AR/VR”, noted Treasury founder John Manoochehri.

As part of this partnership Treasury and Zaha Hadid Architects are also pioneering techniques to both fingerprint spatial assets, to monitor licensed use, and to harness ‘design DNA’ for the purpose of enabling a new, ‘cogenerative’ era of AI use, which is based on licensed training content, respects IP owners creatively, rewards them financially, and liberates new potential for builders of spatial experiences.

Treasury’s spatial asset platform is being launched at the latest edition of the recurring public seminar, A New Architecture, where leaders of architecture, technology and creative industries discuss the state of the union of spatial computing, metaverse, IP, design, value and social contribution.

About Treasury: Treasury is the premier spatial asset hub for digital environment creators and builders. Treasury’s suite of tools provide a licensing and viewing toolset, asset pool and syndication ecosystem, and community of digital creators. The simple, seamless pipeline allows digital asset creators to connect directly with builders of digital spatial environments.

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