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Lewis Latimer Fellowship and Edison Awards visit ZHA

Lewis Latimer Fellows, together with members of the Board of the Edison Awards, recently visited ZHA and met with ZHVR Group’s Head of Virtual Reality and Senior Associate, Helmut Kinzler.

Exploring synergies to foster innovation and collaboration, the Lewis Latimer Fellowship and Zaha Hadid Architects are focused on building partnerships that pioneer new ideas and enhance societal  impact. 

The Lewis Latimer Fellowship was established by the Edison Awards, a global leader in recognising, honouring, and fostering innovation for over 34 years. Named after Lewis Howard Latimer, the brilliant innovator of the filament solution for Thomas Edison’s famous lightbulb, the Latimer Fellowship recognizes and supports exceptional genius engaged in transformative innovation with deep impact. 

Lewis Howard Latimer, the only child of an enslaved couple who liberated themselves by undertaking the perilous journey to freedom northwards to Massachusetts, was a genius inventor as well as an accomplished musician and artist. In April 2021, the Edison Awards introduced the Lewis Latimer Fellowship Program to identify, support and mentor exceptional Black innovators as they advance specific programs, projects and inventions.

The year-long hybrid program is designed to unlock the potential of advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence & robotics, digital biology, nanotechnology, and computing capacity; integrating these technologies with the arts and culture to cultivate the development new ideas and enterprise for the benefit of society.  

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