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Atelier Notify

  • Paris, France
  • 2006 – TBC
  • Crystal Denim SAS
  • Design
  • 500m2

The Atelier Notify constitutes a hybrid, part shop, part production line  – presenting a fluid façade to the exterior, striking an elegant sculptural gesture within – creating a powerful dynamic flow which moves customers through both the space and the processes involved in the creation of denim garments.

Presenting a unique response to a unique brief, the Atelier Notify, located in the heart of the Parisian fashion district, moves customers and other visitors through both a spatial experience and the processes involved in the creation of denim garments.

Akin to an installation, the space is constructed with an elegantly sculptural gesture – at once organizing and differentiating interior spaces, its surface cutting through façade to allow natural light flow to the basement – a central staircase linking different levels and different creative processes.

Interior walls are thickened, then recessed to contain storage and display unitus, while also accommodating all services infrastructure necessary for the operation of industrial machinery.

From the moment of entry at the Atelier’s Rue Saint-Hyacinthe front, natural light and space are exploited to provide an instinctively structured sequence – from reception at ground floor level, through bar and lounge in the basement, thence upward to tailoring, fitting, colouring, cutting and other processes.

The Atelier’s striking façade creates a fluid transition between exterior and interior, utilizing varied transparency levels to express lightness and generate a playful tension between the contemporary within and the historic beyond.

The Atelier Notify constitutes a hybrid – part shop, part production line – an insightful fashion experience achieved through truly seamless architectural design.


Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid Architects

Project Architect

Ana Cajiao

Design Team

Muthahar Khan, Hooman Talebi, Maria Araya, Edgar Payan


Matteo Messervy Atelier (Pparis, FR)


SETEC Industries (Paris, FR)


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