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Küsnacht Villa

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2006 – TBC
  • Private Client
  • 1000m2
  • Three Floors
  • Five Levels

Containing two dwellings within a unified whole – at Küsnacht the Zaha Hadid ‘signature’ is unmistakable – its internal and external spaces organically integrated – the seamless folding of floors into walls into ceilings – the seamless flow from inside to outside – the structure’s inherent sense of lightness, dynamism and motion.

Küsnacht Villa places two dwellings within one unified whole – providing stunning views of snow-capped alpine peaks and the Lake of Zurich.

In every aspect of the structure and supporting landscape, the Zaha Hadid ‘signature’ is unmistakable. Internal and external spaces are organically integrated. Floors fold seamlessly to become walls, walls following this pattern to form ceilings.

The structure constitutes an active, three-dimensional network, forming defined zones – often perceived as enclosed spaces, but in reality opening up organically to the landscape outside. Open galleries run throughout the building, adding to its fluency and providing numerous vantage points from which to experience internal features and external landmarks.

This elegant construction is underscored by many seamless transitions – from open to closed areas in particular. Terraces and other elements protrude irregularly, combining with sloping front and back facades to amplify the building’s enormous dynamism and motion.

Despite its imposing proportions, Villa Kusnacht is light and transparent, its ceiling to floor windows opening onto magnificent views.

Within, over five levels, 1000 square metres are provided, with five master bedrooms, flexible living spaces, sauna, swimming pool and spaces to house gym and home cinema.




Zaha Hadid Architects with Patrik Schumacher

Project Architect

Enrico Kleinke

Design Team

Jan Hübener, Gonzalo Carbajo, Marc Philipp Nieberg, Rassul Wassa, Bjoern Drechsler, Cornelius Schlotthauer


Ebru Simsek, Ting Ting Zhang, William Tan, Camiel Weijenberg

Local Architect



Dr. J. Grob & Partner AG

MEP / Services

Polke, Ziege, von Moos AG