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Nassim Villas

  • Singapore
  • 2007 – TBC
  • Elevation Developments
  • Design
  • Two Villas
  • Total Site Area: 33,000ft2
  • Footprint: 4,000ft2 each
  • Floor Area: 10,000ft2 each

In Nassim Villas, seamless design and cutting-edge technological exploration combine to create a building that emerges naturally from the hilly terrain on which it stands and the lush, tropical vegetation that surrounds it – utilizing overlapping volumes to fuse different program elements within a dramatic structure above the Singapore Botanical Gardens.


Nassim Villas fuses seamless design with lush tropical greenery, bringing our cutting-edge technological explorations to bear in a building designed for luxury living – a structure which ‘mimics’ the lush tropical landscape which surrounds it, uniquely placed on sloping hills above the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

Taking our lead from the undulating terrain, terraces and ramps are employed to move landscape into the heart of the structure itself, affording great intimacy between garden and home. The two villas effectively extend their supporting topography, coalescing into the landscape.

Conceptually, each villa comprises two adjacent, overlapping volumes – forming the basis for the division of social and familial programs, while also achieving fluent progress from one to the other. In one bold gesture, a dramatic cantilever extends the building into the sky – reducing sun exposure and supporting a rooftop garden – before draping softly down to touch the ground and liberate quiet, sheltered spaces.

Their faces proudly turned towards the Singapore Botanical Gardens, Nassim Villas constitute both a city landmark and a ‘showcase for contemporary living’ – offering new spatial arrangements, incorporating new design techniques and non-traditional building materials to achieve such fluidity of expression.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Leaders

William Tan, Ting-Ting Zhang

Local Architect

Aedas (Singapore)


Web Structures (Singapore)

M & E

Ace-Tech M&E Engineers (Singapore)

Cost / QS

TJ Chiam Surveyors Pte Ltd (Singapore)