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Next Gene Architecture Museum

  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2008 – TBC
  • De-Nian International Company Inc.
  • Under Construction

Occupying a steep sloping hill, Next Gene Architecture Museum rises from and harmonizes with the surrounding natural landscape – utilizing conic walls to create a distinctively fluid circulation system within – incorporating irregular ‘perforations’ within its outer skin to admit natural light in accordance with the requirements of different program elements.

Situated in Au-Di, Taipei County, the Next Gene Architecture Museum emerges naturally from a steep sloping hill, its dynamic presence harmonizing with the surrounding landscape and embedding into its natural topography.

A structural system incorporating conic walls, gives the interior a distinctive character – the interstitial spaces created by each creating a fluid circulation system which extends seamlessly from inside to outside areas.

The museum serves both to contain architectural exhibits and to serve as an architectural landmark itself. Distinctive perforated patterns on its outer skin allow natural light to enter according to movement of the sun via non-uniform apertures, effectively shifting light density in accordance with the needs of different program elements – their net effect being an ever changing play of light on museum surfaces.

Visitors moving through the space sense the passage of time through these subtle light chances, which further enhance their experience of the museum’s interior and exterior.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Architect

Wen-Yuan Peng

Supervising Associate

Dillon Lin

Project Team

Camiel Weijenberg, Amenah Benjasem, Rafael Portillo, Shao-wei Huang, Seda Zirek

Local Architect

Ricky Liu & Associates (Taipei, Taiwan)


ARUP (London, UK), King-Le Chang & Associates (Taipei, Taiwan)

M & E

ARUP (London, UK)


chroma33 Architectural Lighting Design (Taipei, Taiwan)