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Ordrupgaard Museum Extension

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2001 – 2005
  • Danish Ministry of Culture
  • Built
  • 1150m2

Our extension at Ordrupgaard redefined the relationships between the museum buildings gardens, creating a new landscape both in itself and in unison with its surroundings. Design ensures that visitors’ experience is not fragmented or compartmentalized – building / collection / gardens – but a continuous, fluid interaction between different elements and aspects.

The Ordrupgaard Museum needed a new structure in which to display permanent and temporary collections, alongside a new café. This need to grow afforded us the opportunity to design a new structure that redefined the relationships between various museum components – existing buildings, the new extension – and the gardens that frame them.

We conceived the extension as a landscape, both in itself and in unison with its surroundings – drawing on the logic of the surrounding topography to inspire and influence the contours of the new structure. In turn, these contours define the topography of interior spaces and visitors’ progress through them.

The extension blurs traditional boundaries – redefining the way space is used and the placing of different program elements. The art galleries are positioned in an outer public route, from which different compartments are accessed via openings in the building’s structural shell. Visitors’ experience is not limited or compartmentalized in terms of building/collection/gardens but becomes a fluid, continuous experience.

The extension’s concrete skin acts as a counterpoint to glazed elements, which reflect the surrounding gardens and offer glimpses to the interior. Folds within the outer membrane running to the ground, conceal access points onto public areas, while the perimeter contains circulation ramps between museum elements, offering a seamless transition from older to new galleries.




Zaha Hadid

Project Director

Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher

Project Architect

Ken Bostock

Competition Team

Ken Bostock, Patrik Schumacher, Adriano de Gioannis, Sara de Araujo, Lars Teichmann, Tiago Correia, Vivek Shankar, Cedric Libert

Model Maker

Riann Steenkamp

Associated Achitects

PLH Arkitekter (Copenhagen, DK)

Structural Engineers

Jane Wernick Assoc (UK), Birch & Krogboe (DK)

Service Engineers

Ove Arup (UK), Birch & Krogboe (DK)


Arup Lighting (UK)


Birch & Krogboe (Denmark)