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Tomigaya Building

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • 1986 – 1986
  • K-One Corporation
  • Competition / Research
  • 238m2
  • 2 Floors

Answering the needs of a crowded city, the Tomigaya Building comprises a glass pavilion set above a void or courtyard, curved upwards to provide access to a series of submerged spaces – specified as either continuous floor or sequenced platforms – for use as office, retail space or residence.


Answering the needs of a crowded city, the Tomigaya Building established a unique relationship with both street and surrounding buildings.

Above a busy thoroughfare, a glass pavilion is elevated to create relief from urban clutter in the form of a small void – a compressed space suspended between two horizontal planes.

A substantive proportion of the structure is concealed below a curving ground floor – the pavement peeled back, curved upwards to admit light to lower levels and provide access.

Entrance is made through an external courtyard exposed beneath the pavilion, to a generously proportioned area, suitable for use as a continuous floor or sequenced platforms – ideal for retail or office activities.

The raised pavilion, while set in independence, establishes a clear connection with these lower levels through curving roofline and full height windows to three sides, which fit it for office, retail or residential studio.

Pavement and ground areas carry translucent glass paving to give the building a subtle presence at dust and after dark.




Zaha Hadid

Design Team

Michael Wolfson, Brenda Mackneson, Satoshi Ohashi, Alistair Standing, Signy svalastoga, Paul Brislin, Nicola Cousins, David Gommersall, Edgar Gonzalez, Erik Hemmingway, Simon Loukian, Paivi Jaaskelainen


Hisashi Kobayashi & Associates


Ove Arup & Partners (London), Yasuo Tamura (Tokyo)


Daniel Chadwick