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Aqua Table

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Established & Sons
  • Complete
  • Limited Edition: 4200 x 1450 x 750mm Production: 3050 x 1320 x 760mm

The Aqua table is an enigmatic form exploring the forces of motion that created it; an organic body flowing within space. It adopts the dynamic gestures of liquid to create a continuous surface, offering endless relationship possibilities with its user and environment. A surreal visual effect draws us to reveal its true nature.

The singular monolithic form of the Aqua table awakens one’s curiosity.

Three blisters bulge out to form legs below the table surface, which register as indentations on the top surface. Through these mutations at three local points, the legs emerge to form a singular, unbroken surface, elevating the tabletop and creating stability beneath.

Rather than remaining static, the table implies constant motion as it blurs the relationship between the horizontal top and vertical legs. Its asymmetrical, irregular tabletop and varying edges create an ergonomic solid, while the translucent silicon gel on the tabletop surface has a smooth top with three deformities on its lower side.

Gradual alterations in the colour of the tabletop reflect these deformities, creating a visual effect that compels us to explore the difference between the actual and perceived depth of the pad by touching the surface.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher


Saffet Kaya