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Avilion Triflow Taps

  • London, UK
  • Avilion Triflow
  • Material: Chrome Plated Brass Finish: Chrome, Mirror Image Finish

In the design of conventional taps, the water is only visible when it leaves the head of the faucet. By contrast, the Avilion Triflow Tap takes the movement of the water as its starting point – its form is a single, dynamic gesture, in which all parts convey the sense of continuous flow between tap, work surface and basin. Developing this shape involved a combination of the latest rapid prototyping technology and a unique ceramic coring process, making each tap a bespoke bathroom sculpture.

Having explored at length the dimension that light brings to polished materials in previous furniture commissions, the design expertly manipulates the reflective qualities of the chrome-plated brass. The tap also seamlessly incorporates innovative functional elements: a separate waterway for purified water is controlled by a touch-sensitive electronic actuator, while hot and cold are controlled by a single lever, which blends into the body as the faucet lightly balances on the work-top.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Architects

Woody Yao, Dylan Baker-Rice, Maha Kutay, Melissa Woolford