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  • London, United Kingdom
  • David Gill Galleries
  • Complete
  • Length: 2660mm Depth: 750mm Height: 300mm Alumnium with polished finish

Crater explores the relationship between the table and objects placed upon it – reducing all elements to their purest form, merging their independence so that seemingly independent features are in fact fused with the whole – achieving a seamless, smooth transition from bowl to candleholder to supporting ‘crater’.

Created in 2007, Crater marked the latest manifestation of a thirty-year journey to challenge preconceptions concerning the nature of design. In this instance, Crater poses an entirely unique line of questioning – the relationship between the table and the disparate objects placed upon its surface.

Both the table itself, its substance, and the objects upon it, are reduced to the purest of forms – to an absolute expression of function which allows us to re-view their interrelationships – then reconnected with a sensual fluidity marked by smooth transitions between elements.

So objects emerging from the Crater’s surface appear definite, independent – yet on closer examination cease to be bowls or candleholders, revealing themselves as elements within the continuous topography of the table surface. Perceptions and expectations are challenged, and yet the overriding logic of the concept makes it possible to embrace these surprising connections.

The same logic of connection is applied to elements beneath the table surface – the ‘craters’ which form the piece’s signature. Moulded by seemingly invisible forces into the complex curvilinear whole, they also surprise our expectations – two of them extending reassuringly to the ground, the third, suspended in space – a ‘bowl’ rather than a supporting leg’.

Crater also emphasizes our continuing interest in the relationship between cutting-edge design and materials technology – utilizing new 3D design software to render and create this unique form in aluminium.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Designer

Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu

Design Team

Chikara Inamura, Chrysostomos Tsimourdagkas