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Crystal Architecture Collection for Lalique

  • Lalique
  • Complete
  • Material: Midnight blue, Clear and Black Crystal Satin and Polished Finish Dimensions Manifesto: 10,5 kg – H. 46 cm Dimensions Visio: 7,3 kg – H. 59 cm Dimensions Fontana: H. 18,5 cm – L. 41 cm – 13 kg

Our collaboration with Zaha Hadid began a little more than two years ago with the creation of the Visio and Manifesto vases, two outstanding works of art which marked the inception of the Crystal Architecture collection. This collection was born of a passion for beauty, a quest for excellence, and the will to combine the expertise of our master-glassmakers with the creativity and rare talent of an architect and designer of world renown. Today we are proud to present the latest addition to the collection: the Fontana bowl, a superb piece with the fluid and mineral lines, the sense of constant movement, that are so expressive of the style of Zaha Hadid and enhanced by the contrasting satin and polished finishes characteristic of Lalique. The thought of Zaha Hadid designing this project is a particularly moving one for me, and I would like to pay homage to her memory.

“She was a pioneering figure in the world of architecture, the first woman to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The death of Dame Zaha Hadid on 31 March 2016 was a cause of immense sadness. Regarded as one of the great architects of her day, she created works that shaped and transformed spaces and landscapes the world over. Zaha Hadid and her architectural heritage will continue to inspire generations to come. Lalique is truly honoured to have had the opportunity to work with this outstanding artist.”
Silvio Denz
Président Directeur Général, Chairman and CEO
Lalique SA

Composed of two vases in numbered editions of clear or black crystal, the Crystal Architecture Collection for Lalique includes the fluid lines of the Manifesto and Visio in contrasting satin and polished finishes.

The Manifesto Vase reflects this language through crystal. As with René Lalique, Hadid’s work often follows the example of the natural world: “The unrivalled logic and coherence of the natural world are a genuine source of inspiration to us,” explains Hadid.  Zaha Hadid instils the complexity and beauty of natural forms into her architecture..

The Visio Vase is a crystal tower whose lines ascend in almost infinite movement, illuminated by the brilliance of the plain crystal or sublimated by the deep mystery of black crystal.

The Manifesto and Visio Vases released in midnight blue colour, this colour was close to the heart of Zaha Hadid. It suffuses the Visio and Manifesto vases, which complete the Crystal Architecture by Zaha Hadid collection.

Fontana expresses the powerful dynamism of water. Informed by the continuity and rhythms of waves in motion, delicate undulations envelop the surface. The design’s formal composition conveys a purposeful solidity, whilst the vase’s materiality embeds lightness and refraction within the complexity of a fluid dynamic.

Fontana translates the intrinsic beauty of natural systems by continuing a narrative defined by their unrivalled logic and coherence.

The FONTANA bowl is presented in plain crystal, black and midnight blue. All these pieces are available numbered and signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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Zaha Hadid
Patrik Schumacher

Design Team

Maha Kutay
Woody Yao
Hannes Schafelner
Fulvio Wirz
Carine Posner
Maria Tsironi
Mariagrazia Lanza
Sharan Sundar