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Lacoste Shoes

  • London, United Kingdom
  • 2008 – 2009
  • Lacoste
  • Complete

A limited edition collection of just 1000 pairs, created in collaboration with Lacoste – utilizing dynamic fluid grids, which when wrapped around the foot, expand and contract to negotiate the body ergonomically – creating a unique undulating and radiating landscape, ultimately translated to shoes in fine calf leather. A simpler version was also developed as a diffusion collection of 10,000 pairs for both men and women

The conceptual starting point for our collaboration with Lacoste was an exploration of the creative potential offered by the digital interpretation of surfaces with repeated patterns.

Design expression hinged on the evolution of dynamic fluid grids – which when wrapped around the human foot, expanded and contracted to negotiate and adapt to the body ergonomically.  In doing so, they created a digital landscape, undulating and radiating as it moves seamlessly with the body.

This digital landscape was translated into a tactile landscape using metal plates to ‘fix’ specific wave patterns and apply them to calf leather using embossing and debossing techniques.

These wave patterns emerge gradually on the uppers of each shoe as they curve around the top and exterior fasciae, before fading across the straps. Two dimensional representations of the same patterns are replicated on the soles.

Continuity and fluidity of design is further enhanced by use of a very shallow sole and a seamless strap closure system. The unique Zaha Hadid for Lacoste logo appears on the side of the heel and on the in-sock.

Only 850 pairs of these extraordinary shoes were ever created – available in black and purple for women and in black and navy blue for men. They were offered for sale only a few, exclusive high-end boutiques.


Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid with Patrick Schumacher

Project Director

Woody Yao

Design Leader

Maria Araya

Project Team

Danilo Arsic, Margarita Yordanova Valova, Maha Kutay, Nick Armitage, Dylan Davies