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  • New York, USA
  • Kenny Schachter/ROVE
  • Complete
  • Orchis1: 130 x 73cm Orchis2: 152 x 75cm Orchis3: 103.5 x 52cm Orchis4: 175 x 83cm Materials: Milled foam, coated with Polyurethane, reinforced with mineral fibreglass laminate and painted with car paint

The Orchis stools were developed using the mathematical principle of non-oriented surfaces – the idea that an object does not possess a distinct inner or outer edge. As the curvature of the surface twists and bends, it defines an elegant composition of seat, backrest and legs. Each stool can seat one to three people and, designed for use outside, can cohere as a single object or scatter to form a field of related shapes. The products stem from the studio’s advanced knowledge of material technologies and CNC milling and combine EPS foam with a reinforced fibreglass shell.


Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Designer

Johannes Schafelner

Design Team

Judith Schafelner, Andres Schenker