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  • Glassware
  • Launched for 2018 Zaha Hadid Design Collection

The Pulse glass vessels differ in height and colour, yet are unified by the textural contrast between smooth and ‘pleated’ glass.

Displaying the glass-blower’s expertise and craftsmanship in the creation of ripples across only a portion of the circumference, the vessels give the illusion of simplicity while encompassing the detailed exploration within Zaha Hadid’s pioneering work.

38.5 x 29 x 35 cm
38.5 x 29 x 23 cm
54.5 x 29 x 13 cm

Material: Acrylic
Colour: Turquoise, Smoke, Clear, Amber
Edition: 100 of each

Selected editions available for purchase via Zaha Hadid Design


Zaha Hadid Design

Porject Directors

Woody Yao, Maha Kutay

Design Team

Filipa Gomes