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Seamless Collection

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Established & Sons and Phillips de Pury & Company
  • Complete

The Seamless collection for Established & Sons explores the limits of functional, aesthetic and technological possibilities, fusing complex curvilinear geometries with detailed ergonomic research. It invokes a new language of design and architecture, driven by advances in digital processes and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. In doing so, its pieces seek to reinvent the traditional spatial relationship between furniture and its setting.

Each unique piece is a natural evolution of the studio’s work, as soft meets sharp, convex flows into concave and they convey a sculptural sensibility that resonates with our own sense of space and physicality. The rhythm of folds, niches, recesses and protrusions follows a coherent logic, as the formal dynamic of a fluid mass is used as a device to emphasise the smooth evolution between otherwise disparate elements. As function follows form, any further typological and ergonomic sculpting is dependent on the overriding language of the collection. The individual elements can either be read as part of a unified whole, or as loose fragments captured in an imagined magnetic field.

Sharing the sculptural language of earlier furniture commissions, such as Z-Scape (2000), Ice Storm (2003), Aqua Table (2005) and Elastika (2006), as well as the Hotel Puerta America interiors (2005), Seamless represents the culmination of this morphological series and signals a new approach in the studio’s treatment of surfaces.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Design Team

Saffet Bekiroglu, Melodie Leung, Helen Lee, Alvin Huang, Johannes Schafelner