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  • Launched for 2016 Zaha Hadid Design Collection

The ‘tidal’ exterior design forms a lattice structure through which the vessel’s lustrous interior colour can be seen.

Finely fragranced candles and reed diffusers. Selected by Zaha, each fragrance has its own distinctive ‘personality’.

Flare: Orange Blossom, notes of Seville bitter orange trees, fresh, intoxicating and invigorating.

Equinox: Woodland, top notes of fresh Cedar and Pine Needles with warm woody vegetation and plant extracts. A relaxing blend, botanical and musky.

Corona: Tuberose, a floral fragrance from the Polianthes Tuberose whose origins are in Mexico. It is considered to be rejuvenating to the mind and the body; Peaceful and exotic.

L8.8 x D8.8 x H9.2 cm
L5.6 x D5.6 x H6.6 cm
Material: Glass, mineral wax
Colour: Gold, Silver, Black, White
Finish: Glass

Reed Diffusers
Dimensions: L7 x D7 x H5.8 cm
Material: Glass, Steel
Colour: Black, Gold, SIlver
Finish: Glass

Selected editions available for purchase via Zaha Hadid Design




Zaha Hadid Design

Design Team

Woody Yao, Maha Kutay, Melodie Leung, Nan Jiang, Richard Leyens, Chrostopher Howell