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Zaha Hadid: New Works

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Buchmann Gallery
  • Complete
  • 2000 x 900mm

An exhibition of the sensuous Silver Paintings of Zaha Hadid: twelve new works presenting a breadth of new international designs.  Transferring her experimentation with form and movement into the digital field, these are an evolving commentary on Hadid’s architectural and design work, capturing historical moments within the development of each project.

This is the second exhibition of Zaha Hadid’s Silver Paintings at The Buchmann Gallery in Berlin. Painting formed a critical part of Hadid’s early career and was the design tool that allowed for the intense experimentation in both form and movement that led her to develop a radical new language for architecture.

Recent advancements in computer software have enabled her to transfer this experimentation into the digital field, although painting has remained integral to her process. The Silver Paintings series provides an evolving commentary on Hadid’s architectural and design work. Beginning as virtual photographs, it captures historical moments within the development of each design, continually re-examining the progression of each project.

The Silver Paintings are executed on a polyester skin treated with chrome and gelatine then mounted onto an aluminium DI-BOND to resemble polished metal. Different media are used, depending on the desired effect. Stained glass paint offers transparency while acrylic and Chinese lacquer generate opaqueness. UV-resistant ink combined with vinyl provides the highest degree of reflectivity. These techniques combine to suggest a gradual intersection between reflectivity and opacity, from one architectural feature to the next.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Artist Consultant

Antonio de Campos