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Zollhof Media Park

  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • 1989 – 1993
  • Kunst-und Medienzentrum Rheinhafen
  • Competition / Research

Düsseldorf Harbour reinvented as an enterprise zone – an ‘artificial’ landscape in which contrasting elements collide and coalesce to form a coherent entity – a unique environment extending waterside activities inland through a sequence of distinctive structures – walled office block, glazed ‘finger’ tower, minimalist glass box, curvilinear cinema complex and more.

Concepts for the redevelopment of Düsseldorf’s prominent harbour into an enterprise zone containing offices for an advertising agency and studios interspersed with shops, restaurants and leisure facilities – an artificial landscape facing the river to extend waterside activities and functions.

A unique configuration, protected by a 90-metre-long wall-like building containing office spaces and abating traffic noise.

Riverside, a vast metallic triangle cuts through the site, piercing the wall to form an entrance ramp. The adjoining ground planes crack open to reveal technical studios to the north, and shops and restaurants. Below ground, a wall of technical services is compressed so that part of the wall rises above ground and curves around to create a 320-seat cinema.

Street-side, the river-wall structure carries tiny linear incisions within its concrete; riverside, levels are articulated by varying depths of cantilever on each floor. A glazed ‘finger’ building fragments as a series of glass splinter slabs, converging to create voids for use as conference rooms and exhibition areas.

An entrance lobby, reduced to minimalist glass box, stands where river-wall and ‘finger’ meet – visually connecting to both street and river, containing a ribbon-like grand stairway to the conference facilities above.


Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid

Project Architect

Brett Steele, Brian Ma Siy

Project Team

Paul Brislin, Cathleen Chua, John Comparelli, Elden Croy, Craig Kiner, Graeme Little, Yousif Albustani, Daniel R. Oakley, Patrik Schumacher, Alistair Standing, Antonio Carlos de Campos, David Gomersall, C. J. Lim

Competition Team

Michael Wolfson, Anthony Owen, Signy Svalastoga, Edgar Gonzalez, Craig Kiner, Patrik Schumacher, Ursula Gonsior, Bryan Langlands, Ed Gaskin, Yuki Moriyama, Graeme Little, Cristina Verissimo, Maria Rossi, Yousif Albustani


Ademir Volic, Daniel Chadwick, Richard Threadgill

Consultant Architect

Roland Mayer (Germany)

Structural Engineers

Ove Arup and Partners (UK), Boll und Partners (Germany)

Services Engineers

Ove Arup and Partners (UK), Mornhinweg and Partner (Germany)

Cost Consultants

Tillyard GmbH (Germany)