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Zaha Hadid: The Complete Buildings and Projects

  • Aaron Betsky
  • 1998
  • Thames & Hudson
  • United Kingdom
  • ISBN 10: 500280843
  • ISBN 13: 9780500280843
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • English
428 Illustrations, 328 in colour
Zaha Hadid: The Complete Buildings and Projects Zaha Hadid: The Complete Buildings and Projects
For over twenty years, Zaha Hadid, the Iraqi-born, English-educated architect, has symbolized the vanguard of contemporary architecture. Although only a handful of her projects have been built – all to great acclaim – her continually new ideas stun the world of design with their commitment to revolutionary forms. As a result she is one of the most respected architects in the world, with an enormous following of students and practitioners, visionaries and designers. In this book – the first record of her entire career – Hadid's vision of architecture is revealed: at once thrillingly dynamic and intensely thoughtful. She has been asked to countless international competitions, and won many, the most controversial being that for the Cardiff Opera House. Hadid's complete work is illustrated here by her electrifying drawings and paintings, plus hundreds of sketches, plans and models. Texts written by the architect and her office reveal specific concerns and solutions to each project.