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Mobile Art Chanel Contemporary Art Container

  • Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Paris
  • 2008 – 2011
  • Chanel
  • Built
  • 700m2
  • 29m x 45m 74t of Steel

A unique sculptural pavilion created as an exhibition/event space for Chanel – inspired by the brand’s distinctive layering of exquisite details within an elegant, cohesive whole – created as a series of continuous arches, sequencing towards a central courtyard – the entire structure ‘flooded’ by through translucent walls and ceilings.

The Chanel Pavilion celebrates of the iconic work of Chanel – its smooth layering of exquisite details to create an elegant, cohesive whole – within a unique, sculptural space created as a series of continuous arches sequencing towards a central courtyard.

Artifical light washes the structure through translucent walls and ceilings, creating an artificial landscape to contain exhibitions and events. A large roof light opening dramatically floods the entrance in daylight to blur the relationship between interior and exterior. The central courtyard, largely open to the sky above, serves as an intermediate space between exhibition and public areas.

Reflective materials allow the exterior skin to be illuminated with varying colours which can be tailored to the differing programmes of special events in each city. The pavilion’s steel structure is designed to enable construction and subsequent decommissioning within a single week.

The dichotomy between the powerful sculptural mass of the Chanel Pavilion’s structure and the lightness of its envelope create a bold and enigmatic element. To date, the structure has been erected for use in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and Paris.


Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Architect

Thomas Vietzke, Jens Borstelmann

Design Team

Helen Lee, Claudia Wulf, Erhan Patat, Tetsuya Yamasaki, Daniel Fiser


Arup, London, UK

Cost / QS

Davis Langdon, London, UK

Main Contractor / Tour Operator

ES Projects

FRP Manufacturing

Stage One Creative Services Ltd