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Galaxy SOHO

  • Beijing, China
  • 2009 – 2012
  • SOHO China Ltd.
  • Built
  • 332857m2
  • Plot area 46,965 m2
  • Above Ground 4 Towers 15 Floors (12 Office Floors and 3 Retail Floors)
  • Max Height 67 meters
  • Below Ground B1 Floor Retail and B2 & B3 Parking (1275 cars),
  • MEP Retail Floors B1F,1F,2F,3F (90,000 m2)

Four continuous, flowing volumes coalesce to create an internal world of continuous open spaces within Galaxy Soho – a new office, retail entertainment complex devoid of corners or abrupt transitions – a re-inventing of the classical Chinese courtyard which generates an immersive, enveloping experience at the heart of Beijing.

Galaxy Soho constitutes a new office, retail and entertainment complex for the heart of this great Chinese city – matching its grand scale. The complex comprises four continuous flowing volumes, set apart yet fused or linked by a sequence of stretched bridges. Each volume adapts outwards, generating a panoramic architecture devoid of corners or abrupt transitions.

Galaxy Soho reinvents the great interior courts of Chinese antiquity to create an internal world of continuous open spaces. Here, architecture no longer incorporates rigid blocks, but instead comprises volumes which coalesce to achieve continuous mutual adaptation and fluid movement between buildings. Shifting plateaus impact upon each other to generate a deep sense of immersion and envelopment, allowing visitors to discover intimate spaces as they move deeper in the building.

The structure’s three lower levels contain retail and entertainment facilities, those above provide works spaces for innovative businesses of many kinds, while top levels are dedicated to bars, restaurants and cafes – many with views along the city’s great avenues.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Directors

Satoshi Ohashi, Cristiano Ceccato

Project Architect

Yoshi Uchiyama

Project Team

Kelly Lee, Rita Lee, Eugene Leung, Lillie Liu, Rolando Rodriguez-Leal, Seung-ho Yeo

Project Team (DD Phase)

Dorian Bybee, Michael Grau, Shu Hashimoto, Shao-Wei Huang, Chikara Inamura, Lydia Kim, Christoph Klemmt, Yasuko Kobayashi, Raymond Lau, Wang Lin, Yereem Park, Tao Wen, Stephan Wurster

Project Team (SD Phase)

Samer Chamoun, Michael Hill, Tom Wuenschmann, Shuojiong Zhang

Competition Team

DaeWha Kang (Lead Designer), Monika Bilska, Elizabeth Bishop, Diogo Brito, Brian Dale, Kent Gould, Jwalant Mahadevwala, Michael Powers, Vignesh Ramaraju

Local Design Institute

BIAD (Beijing Institute of Architecture and Design), Beijing




China Construction First Building (Group) Corporation Ltd