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Signature Towers

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 2006 – TBC
  • Dubai Properties
  • Design
  • 650000m2
  • Above Ground: 350,000m²
  • Below Ground: 300,000m²
  • Storeys: 75; 65; 51
  • Max Height: 357m

Forming the centerpiece for Dubai’s new business bay, the Signature Towers rise above the city – iconic in both their scale and ambition – creating a unique twisted, intertwined silhouette that punctures the skyline. Within the three towers, office, hotel and residential functions are ‘woven’ together in a uniquely flexible manner.


Rising above the city and waterfront, the Signature Towers emphatically confirm the new business bay development as a vital catalyst in defining Dubai’s future. Forming a fused whole, the three Towers demand iconic status.

Together, they establish a new presence, puncturing the skyline to create a powerful and instantly recognizable silhouette. Their fluid characteristics are generated through an intrinsically dynamic composition of volumes. The towers are intertwined to share programmatic elements and rotate to maximize the views from the site towards the waterfront and neighbouring developments.

Over and above their scale and location, the sheer quality and boldness of their design, affords the Towers great presence and symbolic significance. These qualities are derived from the boldness of the architectural concept, from the ‘choreographed’ movement that combines the three towers in one overall gesture and ‘weaves’ with a series of public spaces through the podium, the bridges and the landscape beyond.

Tower interiors are addressed as a single entity, with the three structures corresponding directly to three main functions: office, hotel and residential. They share a common podium – in essence, their ‘embodied’ shadow – in which retail, restaurant and other public amenities are contained. Co-joining two-by-two, with office and hotel at their base, hotel and residential at their apexes, the towers are strategically organised and work in close symbiosis – sharing key facilities.

Functioning as a single ‘organism’ they ‘live’ through the full 24-hour day cycle – servicing residential, commercial and transient populations, accommodating a rich, cosmopolitan heterogeneous mix that is constantly changing and continuously energized by the building and its surroundings.


Zaha Hadid Architects


Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Director

Lars Teichmann

Project Architect

Chris Lepine (Towers); Tyen Masten (Masterplan & Podium)

Project Team

Chris Lepine, Stephan Wurster, Eren Ciraci, Alessio Costantino, David Campos Hoda Nobakhti,Chryssanthi Perpatidou, Bowornwan May Noradee, Nahed Jawad, Hussam Chakouf, Bassam Al Shiekh, Daniel Norell, Tomas Rabl, Don Burusphat, Chiara Ferrari, Erhan Patat, Inanc Eray, Ceyhun Baskin, Jose Lemos, Josias Hamid, Arianna Russo, Carlos S. Martinez, Judith Wahle, Vincenzo Cocomero, Agata Kurzela

Project Architect (Competition)

Tiago Correira

Design Team

Ana Cajiao, Saleem Abdel-Jalil, Sophie Le Bienvenu, Hooman Talebi, Mathias Reisigl, Diego Rosales, Tyen Masten, Daewha Kang, Renos Constantino, Graham Modlen.



Landscape Project Architect

David Richards

Retail Consultant

Paul Saunders Global