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Furniture Elements for Neil Barrett London store

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Neil Barrett
  • Complete

Continuing to evolve their collaboration, Neil Barrett’s new London store incorporates original furniture pieces of Zaha Hadid Architects’ design concept for the brand’s stores worldwide.

Bespoke elements of furniture have been created by ‘peeling’ and ‘twisting’ the surface of a singular solid. The resulting furniture pieces integrate double curvatures to showcase the collections and establish a dialogue with the Cartesian geometries of each store’s architectural shell – allowing for multiple arrangements and adaptations according to the specific conditions of each location.

With individual pieces carved from the original solid and shaped by the same formal language, this elemental concept defines a unique space at every location while maintaining a cohesive relationship with all Neil Barrett stores around the world.

Located at 41 Conduit Street in London’s Mayfair, the new Neil Barrett London store displays men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections, alongside the BlackBarrett fitness line, kidswear and the brand’s accessories and footwear range.

The London store’s three distinct spaces are informed by diverse textures, materials and colours. The store’s entrance is finished in dark marble, the central space in concrete and copper, while the deepest interior is carpeted and upholstered.

Zaha Hadid Architects’ tailored furniture elements sit within each of these three spaces: contrasting in white against the rich coffee shades of Damasco marble in the store’s entrance, or in lacquered copper to seamlessly connect with the other interiors of the London store.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Associate

Fabian Hecker, Torsten Broeder

Concept Development

Thomas Vietzke, Torsten Broeder, Fabian Hecker