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Moonsoon Restaurant

  • Sapporo, Japan
  • 1989 – 1990
  • Jasmac Corporation
  • Complete
  • 435m2

Fire meets ice to create two strange, synthetic worlds in Moonsoon. A formal eating area features cool greys, tables reinvented as ice shards, and a raised ‘iceberg’ floor area. Above, a furnace of fire contrasts the relaxation lounge – all searing reds, brilliant yellows and exuberant oranges.


Charged to accommodate both formal eating area and relaxation lounge in our interiors for Moonsoon Restaurant, we created a startling contrast in mood – evolving two, opposing synthetic worlds, fire and ice.

Inspired by traditional ice buildings of Sapporo, a ground floor formal eating area features cool greys, materialized in glass and metal. Tables are reinvented as sharp fragments of ice, and a raised floor area drifts like an iceberg across the space.

Above whirls a furnace of fire within the relaxation lounge – rendered in searing reds, brilliant yellows and exuberant oranges as the lounge erupts from the floor, curling towards an upper-level dome with the power of a fiery tornado. A plasma of biomorphic sofas completes this startling restaurant experience.




Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Design Team

Zaha Hadid, Bill Goodwin, Shin Egashira, Kar Hwa Ho, Edgar Gonzalez, Brian Langlands, Ed Gaskin, Yuko Moriyama, Urit Luden, Craig Kiner, Dianne Hunter-Gorman, Patrik Schumacher


Michael Wolfson, Satoshi Ohashi, David Gomersall


Daniel Chadwick


Axe Co Ltd