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Hotel Puerta America

  • Madrid, Spain
  • 2003 – 2005
  • Grupo Urvasco
  • Complete
  • 1200m2

A new language of domestic architecture; a new dialogue between the complex, continuous nature of merging forms and textures. A dynamic project to design the 30-room floor of a hotel, driven by new developments in digital design and enhanced manufacturing capabilities. A fluid space, a seamless experience; pushing the boundaries of spatial concepts.

Hotel Puerta America allowed us full autonomy to design a floor of its property, comprising 30 rooms and all common parts.

Our masterstroke, in response to clichéd hotel rooms, was to explore the fusion of elements, forms and textures, where floors, walls and furniture become one continuous surface; one seamless skin.

Every single element merges and flows, from bedroom doors with LED lights, bathtubs and vanity units to beds, shelves and chairs. Even a cantilevered bench by the window of each room, which doubles up as a table, follows the same graceful form, rounded in single curved sweep.

Colour also becomes a unique element of the design scheme, where guests can opt for an alpine white or black bedroom, or choose their own combination:white bedroom, black bathroom; black bedroom, white bathroom; or black bedroom and a signature orange bathroom.


Zaha Hadid


Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher

Project Architect

Woody Yao

Design Team

Ken Bostock, Mirco Becker

Project Team

Thomas Vietzke, Yael Brosilovski, Patrik Schumacher