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Sberbank Technopark

  • Moscow, Russia
  • 2016 – TBC
  • Sberbank
  • Design
  • 262 000m2

Zaha Hadid Architects has been selected to build the Sberbank Technopark at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Moscow, Russia. Considered to be Russia’s Silicon Valley, Skolkovo will be home to the laboratories and campuses of Russia’s fast developing IT, biomedical, energy, nuclear and space innovations.

Established in 1841, Sberbank is the market leader of the Russian banking and economic circulatory system. At the forefront of process innovations and social responsibility, over 70% of Russia’s population rely on Sberbank’s services.

The 262,000 square metre Sberbank Technopark will become the bank’s cradle of IT innovations, accommodating 17,000 people working in Sberbank’s information technology and marketing departments.

“These are the people who will be responsible for all the bank’s ‘substance’ – its technical content, its brains,” explains Sberbank President German Gref.

Home to the bank’s divisions that develop, implement and ensure the operation of process solutions and breakthrough technologies, Sberbank Technopark’s design evolved from Zaha Hadid Architects’ analysis of the varied work processes and arrangements of the bank’s technology and marketing departments. The design will enable its workforce to pilot innovations and develop prototypes that deliver inventive, high-quality solutions and applications.

Christos Passas, Project Director at Zaha Hadid Architects, said: “The necessity to innovate and collaborate is fundamental to Sberbank’s operations.  Our research into interconnected, multi-function environments has driven the Sberbank Technopark design. It responds to the bank’s requirements for enhanced communication, interaction and diversification. The design reconfigures working relationships and adopts a holistic approach to creating an engaging environment that offers a diversified range of facilities both internally and externally.”

“The incredible belief in the power of invention attracted Zaha Hadid to the Russian avant-garde. She realized how architecture can enrich creativity; how space itself can enhance dynamism, complexity, coherence and continuity. These principles are embedded within the Sberbank Technopark design,” continued Passas.



Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)


Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher & Christos Passas

Project Director

Christos Passas

Project Architects (Competition Stage)

Eider Fernandez, Veronika Ilinskaya

Lead Designers (Competition Stage)

Chrysi Fradellou, Spyridon Kaprinis, Bruno Pereira, Melhem Sfeir

Design Team (Competition Stage)

Ben Kikkawa, Faten El Meri, Sergey Krupin, Emily Rohrer, Nicos Yiatros, Reza Esmaeeli

Workspace Analysis (Competition Stage)

Uli Blum

Project Directors (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Christos Passas, Manuela Gatto

Project Associates (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Garin O’ Aivazian, Kutbuddin Nadiadi, Lydia Kim, Eider Fernandez-Eibar, Dimtiris Kolonis

Lead Designers (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Kwanphil Cho, Seungho Yeo, Melhem Sfeir

Façade Design Leads (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Mei Ling Lin, Massimo Napoleoni, Duo Chen

Planning Leads (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Mu Ren, Sattor Jabbor, Leonid Krykhtin, Ben Kikkawa, Bechara Malkoun, Nicholette Chan, Alicia Hidalgo, Christina Christodoulidou, Maria Touloupou, Maria-Eleni Bali, Nessma Al Ghoussein, Chao Wei

Scripting design (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Jose Pareja-Gomez, Melhem Sfeir, Duo Chen

BIM Specialists (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Eckart Schwerdtfeger, Valeria Perco, Maria Avrami, Maria Chaparro, Mauro Sabiu

Interpretation &Translations (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Liudmila Harrison-Jones

Project Admin (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Nastasija Hahonina

Structural Engineering (Competition Stage)

AKTII, London; Daniel Bosia (Design Director)

Environmental/ MEP Engineering (Competition Stage)

A10, London; Meredith Davey (Director)

Cost Consultant (Competition Stage)

RLB International; Mark Weaver, Gary Danks, Andrew Blythe

Local Architects (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

A-projects/KROST Construction, Moscow; Denis Kapralov (General Director) Maxim Blinstein, Philip Simonov (Project Managers) Ekaterina Kuraeva (Arch), Marina Zacharova, Artemy Biktimirov (MEP), Iliya Kozlov, Ivan Labin (Structure) Natalya Bobrovskaya, Anthony Evseev

Structural Engineers (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

AKTII, London; Daniel Bosia (Design Director), Ricardo Candel (Technical Director), Christos Digkas (Project Associate), Alex Grigoruk

Environmental, LEED & MEP Design (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

A10, London; Meredith Davey (Design Director), Piers Watts-Jones (Technical Director), Rodney Barrett, Scott Hall, (Fire Design), Volkan Doda, Younha Rhee (LEED)

Façade Engineering (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

EOC, London; Damian Rogan (Director), Raphael Petit and Simon Pierce (Associates)

Lighting Design (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

OVI, New York; Enrique Peininger and Jean Sundin (Principal), Rachel Barrow, Markus Fuerderer

Cost Consultants (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

RLB, London/Moscow; Mark Weaver, Gary Danks, Andrew Blythe

Acoustic Design (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

KP Acoustics, London; Kyriakos Papanayiotou (Director)

Catering Consultants (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Tricon, London; Gary Thomson (Design Director)

Traffic Consultants (Schematic and Design Development Stage)

Tyrens, London