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Paola Cattarin on Salerno Maritime Terminal

Paola Cattarin, Director at Zaha Hadid Architects will speak about the Salerno Maritime Terminal in a webinar organised by The Chamber of Architects in Rome in collaboration with the Publishing House of the Association of Architects in Rome.

This Italian speaking webinar will celebrate the architecture of Salerno, which will be also be the focus of the first book published in a new series of architectural travel guides titled ‘Urbanscape’, and will include speakers from David Chipperfield Architects and Lombardini22.

The Maritime Terminal is integral to the city’s urban plan. Located on the public quay that extends into Salerno’s working harbour and marina, the terminal continues the city’s relationship with the sea and establishes new links; connecting Salerno’s maritime traditions with its historic urban fabric and beyond to the hills that frame the city.

Like an oyster, the terminal’s hard, asymmetric shell protects the softer elements within; sheltering passengers from the intense Mediterranean sun during the popular tourist season.

At its opening, the Italian Prime Minister described the terminal as a masterpiece, explaining: “This extraordinary work adds to everything Salerno is doing to transform itself and I think it is marvellous."

The New York Times agreed: “As a matter of urban planning policy, beauty mattered… In this heartland of classicism, settled by the ancient Greeks, this radically contemporary terminal could very well join the temples of Paestum and Roman Pompeii as one of the area’s must-see monuments.”

This lecture in Italian, on the 29 April 16:00-19:00 (CEST time) can be booked via link below

Salerno : Urbanistica e progetto architettonico per la città contemporanea