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ZHA CODE to participate in WA100 Live Webinar

On Tuesday 7 February at 9:30am GMT, Vishu Bhooshan and Henry Louth of ZHA’s Computation & Design research group, (ZHA CODE) will join the panel for the WA100’s Live Webinar to discuss the topic ‘Tackling challenges: How product innovations can support the architecture sector in 2023​’.

In this session, the panel will explore some of the best innovations from around the world that are helping the international architecture and design sectors to tackle the issues facing the industry. They will explore how innovative approaches to meet specification requirements can support the design process and discuss what the next big things on a product front will be.   

Whether it’s the drive for net zero, building safety or materials shortages, there are growing external considerations when it comes to designing for the built environment.

Register to watch via this link