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ZHA wins Royal Academy Architecture Lego Challenge

ZHA’s intention was to explore the idea of a modern city making maximum use of the concept of ‘Live-Work’  which allows for the boundaries between downtown offices and residential neighborhoods to be blurred and to reduce the actual physical commute required. The proposed location of our site was near the Docklands, which is undergoing massive redevelopment, to examine whether different typologies can co-exist to instill a layered and rich urban fabric. It also allowed us to examine the possibility of the river becoming much more integral to the city - as it would have been when London was first established.

 The focus of the installation was not specific to any particular building form but working with the LEGO blocks allowed us to play with different configurations from orthogonal high-rises to softer curved structures, which were particularly challenging to assemble. The students were very quick to understand and further develop our design ideas, with the younger toddlers joining in to make their own inspired pieces to complement our installation.

We are delighted that our interpretation of London in the Future was so well received.

The Royal Academy of Arts