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Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre is one of two ZHA projects nominated as a finalist of the 2024 Architizer A+ Awards - public voting now open

Link to vote here

Integrating three distinct cultural institutions for the city (a Performing Arts Centre with a 1200-seat Grand Theatre and a 500-seat multifunctional Black Box theatre; an interactive Science Centre; and an Art Museum) each venue within the centre incorporates unique characteristics, yet all are united by formal and structural logic.

The distinctive roof structure unites the different venues under a network of reticulated shells that envelop the four wings of the centre. Interconnecting bridges create a multi-layered public plaza at the heart of the centre with views to the interiors as well as to the surrounding promenades with their cafés & restaurants.

Echoing the chevron patterns of migratory birds flying in formation over southern China, the latticed steel canopies sheltering each venue are supported by only 22 columns and span 270m x 170m and configured through repetition, symmetry and scale variation. This repetition optimised pre-fabrication, pre-assembly and modular construction.

The centre’s landscaping and surrounding lake are integral elements of Zhuhai’s ‘sponge city’ initiative that targets the natural permeation, storage and re-use of at least 70% of the city’s rainwater using aquatic flora and fauna to naturally filter contaminants. Humidity and soil-moisture sensors within the landscaping’s irrigation system control and reduce water consumption.

Located within the subtropical climate of southern China, the double-insulated glazing of the building’s envelope is optimized for thermal performance and protected by the roof canopy which incorporates perforated aluminium panels for solar shading. The perforations within the panels vary in size to allow differing degrees of sunlight within the centre’s interior spaces in accordance to their programming requirements, orientation and solar gain. At night, this roof canopy bathes the centre in soft reflected light.