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Generali Tower inaugurated 3 years ago

Generali Tower in Milan was inaugurated 3 years ago in April 2019.

Generali Tower is within CityLife, the largest new civic space and public park to open in the city since Parco Sempione opened 130 years ago.

Located above the Tre Torri station of Milan’s metro system and aligned at ground level with three of the city’s primary axes that converge within CityLife, the 170m tower by Zaha Hadid Architects connects with its surrounding public piazzas and park; the curvilinear geometries of its podium defined by the perceived centripetal forces generated from the staggered intersection of these three city axes.

This vortex of centripetal forces at ground level is transferred vertically through the tower by realigning successive rhomboid-shaped floor plates to twist the tower about its vertical axis. This helical twist reduces incrementally with the height of each floor above street level, giving all floors a fractionally different relationship to the floors above and below.

As the tower rises offering broader views across Milan, the twist orientates the tower's higher floors to the primary southeast axis leading to Bramante’s 15th Century tribune of Santa Maria della Grazie.

Generali Tower achieved its LEED Platinum certification by implementing strategies that include:
– over 45% savings in indoor potable water usage.
– 100% energy supply with green power.
– With its double facade system, more than 95% of regularly occupied spaces in the building enjoy good daylighting levels throughout the year and panoramic views of Milan and the Alps beyond.

Photograph by Luke Hayes