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Crystal Architecture Collection by Zaha Hadid Design at Musée Lalique

Musée Lalique’s new exhibition ‘Prism’ pays tribute to the extraordinary works created in crystal by contemporary artists including Yves Klein, Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor and Zaha Hadid Design.

Through the prism of these remarkable works of art, the exhibition explores the artists’ diversity of styles and Lalique’s extraordinary craftsmanship.

In 2011 Lalique Art began working with contemporary artists and designers, putting the expertise of its craftsmen and the unique qualities of crystal – the interplay of light, transparency and colour – at the service of renowned artists and designers.

As a master jeweller, René Lalique explained, “Glass is a simply marvellous material… its incomparable plasticity is a gift in the hands of the ingenious artist, and it provides an almost limitless field of activity and discovery for his imagination and talent.”

An expert glassmaker, Lalique employed lost-wax techniques historically used for casting bronze to create both unique pieces and editions. Lalique Art has revived this ancient process, complementing its traditional glass blowing and moulding techniques, to produce these exceptional artworks in collaboration with renowned artists and designers.

Zaha Hadid’s exploration of the coherence and beauty within natural forms inspired the Crystal Architecture Collection; its formal language of fluidity in contrasting satin and polished finishes illuminating the richness of their materiality.

‘Prism’ at Musée Lalique
40 rue du Hochberg

Unitil 4 November 2018

Musée Lalique