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Elastika Installation celebrates 15 years

Installed in 2005 within the atrium of the historic Moore Building Miami Design District, Elastika was commissioned for the inaugural Design Miami and remains in-situ honouring Zaha Hadid, recipient of Design Miami’s first “Design Visionary” award.

A sculptural architectural experiment exploring connectivity and fluidity, Elastika links spaces and floors across the atrium. Defying changing levels and criss-crossing in mid-air, the piece reaches across space as if the building’s constituent parts are attempting to resolve themselves into a single solid.

The installation presents a microcosmic extrusion of the spatial ideas inherent within Zaha Hadid Architects’ work, where form doesn’t follow only function but is drawn along by the narrative of the plan and flow of space. More Einsteinian than Cartesian, it is a fluid, flowing, four-dimensional world that transforms space itself.