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Dominion listed as one of the most beautiful modern buildings in Moscow

In celebration of Russia’s 60th annual Construction Worker’s Day, Moscow’s ten most beautiful modern buildings have been listed including the Dominion Office Building.

Located in Moscow’s Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Street, the Dominion Office Building is among the first of the new projects to be built for the growing creative and IT sectors in this primarily industrial and residential district in the southeast of the city.

Conceived as a series of vertically stacked plates off-set at each level, a central atrium rises through all levels to bring natural light into the centre of the building. Balconies and interconnecting staircases project into the atrium and correspond to the displacement of Dominion’s outer envelope.

The atrium becomes a three-dimensional shared space over many levels that encourages interaction between the employees of the companies within the building. The integration also encourages collaboration between companies of different disciplines. Many IT and creative industry start-up companies regard this collective research culture as vital for progress and development, and Dominion’s design reinforces this open connectivity throughout the building.

 (Above image by Hufton + Crow)

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